Tree of Life Adventures is one of Zimbabwe’s leading team-building companies and the first choice for team building close to Harare. At Tree of Life Adventures, we customise programs according to the individual needs of each school, church group and corporate organisation.  We like to find out the problem area and then we target those issues with the correct balance and mix of our activities.

  • Creating a better working environment

    Most workers spend 8 to 9 hours of the day at work in the company of workmates. That is a considerable amount of time of one’s life. It makes sense to work at making that environment as congenial and amicable as possible.

  • Team Building is good business sense.

    It is true that attitude determines altitude. People always achieve their tasks if they are motivated enough to put in the extra mile. A good team works together and that directly increases production. Likewise, if workers are not motivated to share the vision to develop mutually benefiting relationships with each other, production cannot be maximized and workers become lethargic.

  • Teambuilding is staff education

    Apart from enjoyment objectives, workers will get training from the day. Staff efficiency is directly related to the skills they have or the attitudes they have about their role in the team. Teaching and training sessions are all educational as this is the whole basis of experiential learning.

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Fun Teambuilding Harare

Make time for some good clean fun!


You can be assured that your teambuilding at Tree of Life will be filled with adventure. This is an example of a one-day teambuilding challenge, but each programme can be tailored to the audience and objective required. Objectives for the day include enjoyment, effective communication skills, team bonding, fostering a cohesive work ethic and promoting team culture.

Arrival and welcome address

Tea and refreshment break

A personal strengths survey : a psychometric test designed to explore different character traits and how they impact the effectiveness of a team

Fun get-to-know one another activities: A session involving activities that well call on team members to cooperate in order to accomplish the set task and objectives. This session is effective for showing the importance of communication, strategic planning, coordination, effective leadership, critical thinking, cohesion & team culture

Tea and Refreshment break

Icebreakers and Dynamics: continues.

Lunch is served.

The physical part of the program. Involves an obstacle course – a series of activities to climbing over /under with help and encouragement, this is a build onto the dynamics course.

This is a confidence initiative which helps each individual feel a sense of accomplishment in concurring ones fears with the encouragement of their team members.

Refreshments are served

Summation and departure.

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